Thursday, September 17, 2015

Meal Plan (15 September - 21 September)

"What do you actually eat?"  This is a question I get asked A LOT!!!  When people hear about how many food sensitivities our family has, this is usually the reaction.  It has taken a while to adjust, (and I'm still learning) but there are actually a lot of delicious things to eat out there.  It's Friday here now, but here is a list of the meals we had/are going to have this week for tea (dinner, supper, whatever you call it).  Tuesdays are my grocery shopping days so that is why the list starts on Tuesday. :)

Tuesday - Chicken salad for hubby, ham sandwiches with cassava crisps and raw veges for the rest of us (My husband wasn't going to be home for tea so we had a picnic for tea)

Wednesday - Chili and bread (My youngest can't eat tomatoes so I kept some of the browned mince/hamburger for him and added a bit of chicken stock and mixed veges to it)

Thursday - Roast chicken with roasted carrots and potatoes (kumera/sweet potato for the youngest) and green beans

Friday - Nachos (serving leftover chili from Wednesday on corn chips with guacamole) 

Saturday - Satay chicken and rice (will be posting a recipe when I make this)

Sunday - BBQ chicken on flat bread (recipe coming soon) with raw veges and hummus

Monday - Crumbed Schnitzel, mashed potatoes (kumera/sweet potato for youngest), broccoli and carrots

I'm planning (we'll see how that goes) on actually taking pictures of our meals and posting recipes this week.  Stay tuned to see if that happens! :)

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